An Overview of Online Casino Bonuses

There are many different types of bonuses offered by an online casino. In many cases, the various bonuses can be stacked on one another to make for an excellent payout. This is one of the most important areas to consider when searching for a casino to deposit your money.

There are nine primary types of online casino bonuses. These include:

  • Match bonuses
  • Weekly/monthly bonuses
  • No deposit bonuses
  • High roller bonuses
  • Banking bonuses
  • Loyalty rewards bonuses
  • Starting balance bonuses
  • Feature promotion
  • Other promotions

Match bonuses – These are the most common type of promotional item offered by online gaming sites. Casinos are able to alleviate a great deal of risk related to giving out free money by utilizing match bonuses. Percentage based match bonuses force the player to deposit money in order to receive the bonus. The amount of free money and the requirements to acquire the bonus change on a regular basis.

Weekly/monthly bonuses – This bonus is implemented to retain players after their welcome bonus has been collected. From the player’s perspective, this is one of the best ways to take advantage of the casino’s generosity. Weekly/monthly bonuses work in the same manner as match bonuses in that you receive a specific percentage based on your deposit. Typically you are only eligible to collect one bonus per period.

No Deposit Bonuses – These are rare in the online gaming industry as there is too much risk involved with awarding free money and little stipulations. A no deposit bonus does not require you to deposit money. Instead, you download the software, install it, register for a real money account and make a claim. These bonuses tend to be at the lower end of the scale since the money originates from the casino’s own pocket.

High Roller Bonuses – As you may expect, these are those offered to players willing to commit a great deal of money on first deposit. The percentage match is less than 100 percent, usually in the range of 40-50 percent. The size and amount varies per casino and the actual type of promotion. Make sure to read through the terms and conditions to ensure it fits your personal needs.

Banking bonuses – Banking bonuses are available as an incentive for players to use specific deposit methods other than a credit card. Many casinos have difficulty processing credit cards because of the ban on online gaming in various countries. This is one bonus that is stackable with match bonuses. It is important to point out banking bonuses are typically up to a specific maximum per deposit per period.

Since the online gaming community is tremendously competitive a great deal of money is spent attracting customers to the casino. Concurrently, they must keep the player at the casino for an extended period of time. Therefore, casinos have created loyalty rewards programs to reward players for continuing to play at that gaming site. This is also a common practice at land-based establishments.

Starting Balance Bonus – This is a relatively new concept to the online gaming industry so they are only currently available at Microgaming casinos. The casino gives the player a specific number of credits to play with for a pre-determined period of time. Once the time expires, any winnings over the original amount are granted to the player. The player then must deposit a specified amount and fulfill a certain number of requirements to withdraw.

Feature Promotion – This bonus is one in which specific websites have been given authorization to offer a special bonus to new players. These usually expire within a specific time period. Therefore if you ever come across one that interests you, it is imperative to sign up immediately or else the promotion may expire. However, if you do miss a specific bonus, they do occasionally come around again.

In addition to these bonus types, online gaming sites also utilize other promotions like freeroll tournaments and sweepstakes. In some instances casinos will utilize a free entrance into a large tournament valued at a specific amount. If you are a good tournament player, this is an excellent opportunity to make some money. However for those new to online gaming, it is a much better deal to receive a monetary bonus.

There are many ways to take advantage of all an online casino has to offer, including bonuses and promotions. Online casinos are much more generous than land-based as they are constantly offering different promotions to move ahead of the competition and be crowned king of promotions in the online gaming industry.

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