The Most Popular Online Casino Games

If you are new to the online gaming world, you may be wondering what the most popular games are across the industry. This is a complicated question to answer because each player’s tastes, casino needs, bankroll and likeness for games currently in development will vary greatly. When conducting research on this topic, everyone will have a different opinion as to what constitutes the best online casino games.

The “One-armed Bandit”

The “one-armed bandit,” or slot games, are a symbol of old and new Las Vegas –style gaming. Slots have a history of over 120 years so they tend to top the list at all online gaming sites as being the most popular game. This is also consistent with land-based casinos which determine why there are so many different variants of slots.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of slots is the game is only based on chance; there are no specific skills needed. As a result, new players are typically attracted to online slot games. The actual activity of playing slots is non-threatening since it is you versus a random number generator. There is no outside judgment or pressure from others when you lose.

While other casino games may have a total of ten different variants from the original, slot software developers may release ten variants each month to cater to the tastes of different clientele. Many slot games are based on movies or what is currently the craze in pop culture. For instance, at this time HBO series, Boardwalk Empire, is popular. Therefore, one slot software developer has created a game based on the series.

The other primary attraction to slots is the adrenaline rush and resulting flow of endorphins during the game. Therefore, slots can become extremely addicting because when they payout, they payout big. The chance at winning a million dollars or more in once single sitting is irresistible. This is also why many people play the lottery.

Traditional Card Games

Conventional card games like blackjack and poker are also among the most popular online casino games. Almost all online gaming sites offer blackjack and poker so there is no consensus as to which site is best. Many online casinos allow the player to download or participate in practice games that can be played for fun, to sharpen one’s skills or simply warm up prior to playing at real money tables.

Video Poker

Dating back to the 1970’s when personal computers were first released to the public, video poker made its debut as the first cyber-version of one of the most popular casino games, poker. Like blackjack, video poker allows skilled players to have an advantage over the house. The exception is with bluffing and reading tells as you cannot bluff or be bluffed by a computer.

Other Top Online Casino Games

Other games that are gaining popularity include baccarat, keno, roulette and virtual bingo. As these games continue to increase in popularity at land-based casinos they also grow at online gaming sites. For instance, baccarat is becoming one of the primary money-makers in Vegas for Strip casinos. Online gaming companies see this growing trend and make baccarat readily available at their casinos.

New Versions of Old Games

Online gaming software development companies take these original games and create multiple variants. This gives players the chance to try a new twist on an old game and mix up their usual routine. There are different versions of almost every game available online. Other than slots, the most popular are from the original video poker, blackjack, poker, keno and bingo.

In games like slots, keno and bingo it is simple to create many variants, software developers simply need to change the theme. The rules do not change (except bonus rounds in slots), the graphics and characters within the game change. For instance, there is a football-themed keno game featuring the kicking of little footballs when a number is drawn.

On the other hand, in games like video poker, blackjack and regular poker there are a few variations that actually change the rules. Although the house edge is not modified, there are added side bets, different payout schedules and other modifications to the regular game.

There are so many real money games available online. Some online gaming sites pride themselves on offering over 300 playable games which provides something for everyone. The most popular games continue to be those originally introduced in major gaming hubs like Las Vegas. Slots, card games and video poker reign king at online gaming sites.

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