How to Evade Rogue Casinos

Rouge casinos are those that do not credit bonuses once all requirements have been accomplished, delay payment or renege on their commitments to the player. Although these casinos are few and far between, all online gamblers should learn how to spot and avoid them. These casinos are short-lived due to bad press as a result of their unethical business practices.

Review Blacklists from Watch Dog Organizations

The easiest method for finding rogue casinos is by reviewing blacklists of online casino watch dog organizations. These websites exploit the fraudulent casinos to protect players and ensure for a safe gambling environment. There are a few trusted watch dog websites that report the facts when a player is mistreated. Since these sites are popular in the online gaming community, all it takes is one bad experience to significantly bring traffic to the casino down.

Review the Casino’s Website

Finding and scrutinizing blacklists is the first step. After awhile, players must learn to identify rogue casinos by reviewing their website. Although the watch dog lists are constantly updated, it is possible one may have been overlooked or not reported by the gambling community. Another possibility is an online casino may have some questionable practices and may not have reached the rogue classification just yet.

Luckily, identifying a rogue casino is not a daunting task. There are two simple points to look for:

  • Review the owner and address
  • Review the licensor, software provider and auditor

These two points of information to review will easily reveal whether the casino is rogue. First, if the casino does not list the company that owns them you should immediately stop considering this establishment and move on. If the owner is mentioned, look to see if the company is listed on the stock exchange and if they own other casinos. If this information is available then there is a good chance this casino is legitimate.

Second, examine the licensor, software provider and auditor of gaming operations. All legitimate online gaming sites need input from these three service providers. Therefore, the reputation of these providers is a reflection on the legitimacy of the casino. If any of these required providers is not listed, the casino is most likely rogue and should be reported.

The licensors have been authorized to regulate gaming in a specific country under that jurisdiction. Some of the most reputable jurisdictions include Kahnawake, Malta, Antigua, Curacao and Gibralter.  Those that should be avoided include Belize, St. Kitts and Venezuela due to an overwhelming number of rogue casinos originating from that locale.

The most popular and reputable online gaming software providers are Playtech, Rival, Cryptologic, Real Time Gaming and Microgaming. Those providers that are not up to par are Casinova, Elke and COA. Many gaming sites indicate the use of proprietary software. This does not mean that site is not reputable but probably should be avoided altogether or well scrutinized.

The most reputable auditors of gaming operations include, Technical Systems Testing and eCOGRA. The most reputable online gaming sites release monthly reports from the auditor of their casino. These are usually posted on the casino website so it is important to also review these reports.

Also, it is important to verify when the casino was established. Those that have been around for a long time are usually reputable or else they would not have lasted this long. Although it is incorrect to assume any new casino is rogue, it is simply best to approach with caution.

Use Word of Mouth

Another method of avoiding a rogue casino is through word of mouth and personal experience. There are numerous online gaming forums where players interact with one another. This is an excellent method for exchanging information. Everything from delays in withdrawals, bonuses and their conditions, technical problems to payment issues are communicated. If the general consensus in the forums accepts the casino then it should be safe.

Reliable Casinos do not associate with Second-rate providers

Generally good casinos will not associate with rogue entities. Also, safe casinos will not utilize second-rate providers. This includes those that audit the gaming operations and those that process financial transactions. Reliable casinos will only utilize reliable third-party sources to manage their legalities.

Online gaming sites are big business so most of them are safe and reliable. However, like in any industry, there are a few bad seeds that you must avoid. Utilizing the tips presented above will help you identify, report and steer clear of these unethical companies.

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